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Upscale Adventure Travel

lake palace hotel udaipur lake palace hotel udaipur

Here is a selection of upscale adventure travel possibilities in India, Bhutan, Peru, the South Pacific, and British Columbia.

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Journey to Nootka Sound

nootka-trail-trish_20211106-183036_1 West Coast hiking - Nootka trail

Vancouver Island was chosen as a Top Region by Lonely Planet’s Best in Travel 2022 list.  It was the only Canadian destination to make the globally recognized travel publishing company’s annual list of top 10 countries, cities and regions to visit in the year ahead.

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Budget-Friendly Travel Resources

BudgetResources_20210825-184422_1 Budget Friendly Travel Resources image via pexels

Written by Guest-Blogger: Cindy Aldridge  

After spending so much time close to home, many of us are itching for a well-deserved change of scenery, even if it’s months down the road. While it might feel pointless to plan a getaway in the midst of uncertainty, having something exciting to look forward to is a great way to lift your spirits and look ahead.

Tours of Exploration shares 11 budget-friendly travel resources in the sections below, so read on and let the vacation planning begin!

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Re-Discover Wonder Giveaway

Mt Robson, Valemount Re-discover wonder in Mt Robson Provincial park

Tours of Exploration is offering some very exciting travel prizes! Presenting our Re-discover Wonder Contest. After a taking a long break from travel, you must be in an adventure dream-state by now! Travel – no matter near or far – offers a sense of discovery both of yourself and of your external environment.

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Whales, wildlife and Indigenous culture

whales-feeding-t-crocker-840x54_20210727-214821_1 Whales feeding photo by T Crocker

The Northern region is one of my top recommendations for travellers planning a visit to Vancouver Island. I return as often as I can, including plans to take the popular BC Ferries route between Port Hardy and Prince Rupert. The draw for me is the high concentration of wildlife and impactful connections with the area’s First Nations.

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Hiking Sleeping Giant North of Superior

ontario-north-topofgiantrail-840x546-lp Sleeping Giant hike

By Lili Paradi

I always thought I was the spontaneous ‘get-up-and-go’ kind of traveler. At least until my partner, Louis, and I decided to go north (Ontario) for our very first backcountry trip in Sleeping Giant Provincial Park

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4 best birding places in Panama

panama-quetzal-dreesor-840x546 quetzal birds of panama D Reesor

A friend of mine from Ontario challenged me to a birding duel; could I match their 403-bird list during my own two-week trip to Panama?

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Winter Recreation: Sunshine Coast Trail, BC

Tin Hat Mountain Sunshine Coast Trail Sunshine Coast Trail winter recreation

By Catherine Evans & Ailish Evans

Click here for Tours of Exploration's very own 3-4 Day Sunshine Coast Trail Getaway.

Despite living on the Sunshine Coast for nearly thirty years, I had never experienced the iconic backcountry hut-to-hut hiking path known as the Sunshine Coast Trail (SCT). This 180 km route stretches from

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Yoho National Park - Staycation

Paget Lookout Yoho National Park Yoho National Park Paget hike

By Catherine Evans

Click here for Tours of Exploration's 3-Day Tour in Yoho National Park. 

The staycation mantra has become the call to travel domestically. My husband and I accepted the invite when we set out to explore our Province with a visit to Yoho National Park, BC.  

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Secrets of the Mekong

laos-luangsay-boat-840x546-diet Mekong River cruise Luang Say

By Peggy Wright
There is no pier. Instead, we climb down the muddy riverbank, navigate a plank, and cross over a neigh­bouring vessel to reach ours. We make ourselves comfortable sitting on floor cushions.

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Mt Robson 3-day trek

canada_mtrobson_trailhead_840x546_sparadi Mt Robson 3 day trek

By Szilvia Paradi

Click here for your own Mount Robson Provincial Park trekking challenge, curated by Tours of Exploration.

July 22, 2020:

This would be a big trekking day. We made our way to the Mount Robson Provincial Park Visitation Centre to check-in to the Berg Lake Trail.  The park ranger explains the trail conditions to us – a bit muddy due to all the rainfall, but hike-able nonetheless.  She also tells us about a grizzly bear sighting;

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Heritage Adventures in Guyana

Kaieteur Fall Viewpoint at Kaieteur Falls, Guyana

If you travel in Guyana, expect to encounter a number of European languages. This reflects the many conquests won and lost and regained as the Spanish, French, English, Dutch, and Portuguese battled for domination over this pocket of Northern South America. The farther off the beaten-path you go, the more the likelihood you will come into linguistic contact with any of the four main earlier inhabitants; namely the Warraus, Arawaks, Wapisianas and Caribs.

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Tambopata and Manu Amazon

peru-tambopata-lakecondenado-840x546 Tambopata Lake Condenado

I am beginning to prepare for a Fall overland trip to Parque Nacional de Manu, a remote Amazon post in Peru. I will journey from Cusco down through Andean cloud forests and into the pristine tropical jungles of the Manu Biosphere.

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La Ruta Maya

belize_caracol840x546 Caracol Belize

It is hard to remember when my fascination with New World Archaeology began. I can recall my visit to the Yucatan Peninsula in the 1980’s and my first glimpse of El Castillo, Chitchen Itza. 

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The Islands of Bali - a reflection

indonesia-bali-ceremony-840x54_20191122-181332_1 Bali temple procession

by Catherine Evans

There are events in life that create such an impact that you change your whole way of being and thinking. Such was the case when I first set foot on the island of Bali some 30 years ago.

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Realm of the Ice Bear

canada-churchill-three-bears-840x546 polar bears of Churchill


Click here to experience your own polar bear expedition via train running through Churchill, Manitoba.

Builders of the railroad to Churchill Manitoba probably had no idea that their new grain shipping port, which provided a link from the Prairies to the Arctic Ocean, lay just 40 km north of the world’s largest polar bear denning area. For millennia, the Arctic’s most iconic mammal has come ashore along the western coastline of Hudson Bay to wait out the time until the ice freezes again so that they may begin their annual seal hunt.

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FAM Trips: great opportunity for travel industry newbies

TMLALogo-840x546-002 Travel Mart Latin America 2019

The location this year will be Quito, Ecuador.  Forty-one years ago, William H. Coleman, Inc. created the unique venue to provide Marketing, Advertising, and Public Relations services for Travel to Latin America. 

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The magical charm of Bhutan

masked dancers Paro Masked dancers Paro, Bhutan

Land of mountain peaks, ancient Buddhist culture and architecture, dense forests and spectacular valleys. Even before you have landed in the remote kingdom of Bhutan you know you are arriving at a very special destination.

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New Zealand - 4 Wheels & 8 Weeks

new-zealand-morris-minor-kaikoura-blo_20190606-205754_1 self-drive in New Zealand

In 1990 and with a total budget of $800, we pick up a Morris Minor from an auto dealer in Christchurch. This is where my husband, Matthew, spent his youth and where we first met and we are here for two months to visit this small nation in the South Pacific.

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Cloud Forest and Colombian Coffee Culture

Coffee culture region Colombia Coffee culture region Colombia

I am overlooking and nestled into the Andean Cloud Forest. Bio Habitat Hotel, located at the top of a mountain outside the town of Armenia offers me comfort for the night.

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