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Trekking in India: Valley of Flowers

India’s Valley of Flowers is an exhilarating sight to behold. If you look up, you’ll see the high snow-capped mountains of the Greater Himalayas. Look down, and before you will be a rainbow carpet of budding alpine flowers. And ahead of you? Nothing but the trail and secluded wilderness.

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Ah, the awe-inspiring wilderness of India. India has been commonly considered to be home to five Big Cats... however, this is soon to change to six! Read on to find more on your favourite big cat species and where in India you can see them. And discover which big cat is being re-introduced to its former home.

Earlier this month, Bhutan tripled its Sustainable Development Fee (SDF) from $ 65 USD to $ 200 per person per night. This means a 10 night trip to Bhutan will cost a couple $ 4,000 in donations BEFORE they pay for any tour expenses (air to reach Paro, accommodation, meals, guides, transportation, newly created entrance tariffs to monuments, and the visa fee). Travelers from India, Sikkim, Bangladesh and the Maldives will no longer enjoy past visa free and low SDF access as the new ACT imposes levies on them (albeit not as high as other International guests). These and other travel restrictions in Bhutan are likely to alter the future of tourism there. 

There’s a reason why visiting Santorini is on many people’s bucket lists – it is a truly breath-taking Greek island that will deliver a holiday of a lifetime. It boasts stunning white and blue classic architecture in its buildings, some of the best seafood in the world, quaint fishing ports, and both black and white sand beaches - so beautiful and so unforgettable.

By ST Tangirala

Switzerland is a country full of life and is the perfect destination to visit for all four seasons. It is home to some of the most majestic scenery anywhere else in the world. Particularly appealing are the Swiss Alps and Swiss villages. Perhaps this great backyard is the reason so many international organizations have their headquarters here

Earlier this week I found myself binge watching Netflix's new five-part series, Our Great National Parks narrated by Barack Obama, who prioritised protecting the public lands and waters in the U.S. The show is global-reaching with footage and facts from national parks across five continents,

By ST Tangirala

The Lake District is a natural hiking wonder of England. It is the one place in England where you feel you’re in a dreamlike place not unlike the Alps in Central Europe, the Highlands in Scotland, or even the Rocky Mountains in the United States.

What is it like to travel by train in Canada? What are the great train trips in Canada? Long-distance luxury train travel across Canada is unique, scenic, and rewarding for those who enjoy an unhurried vacation. It appeals to those who appreciate conversations over dining hours or space around you as you read a book or work on your computer. It is especially welcoming for those who can be lulled to sleep by the gentle motion of the train car over the rails.

By Kelly Kamo McHugh

Gerry Kisoun, an Inuvialuit and Gwich’in elder, was born and raised in the Mackenzie Delta area of the Northwest Territories. A former employee of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and Parks Canada, Gerry now guides for an Inuvik company specializing in authentic Arctic experiences.

Coming from Ontario, it’s easy to call some of the countries I visit ‘small’. But the more time I spend in Scotland, the more I realize that nothing about this country can be contained in such a label. In fact, the landscapes are vast, the people proud and the culture larger-than-life.

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