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  • Bhutan Culture and Nature Expedition

    bhutan blue poppy

    Bhutan Culture and Nature Expedition

    Experience the culture, nature and wildlife of the forested mountains, and the scenic splendour of the valleys and trails of Bhutan.  Feel positivity wash over you as you venture around the land aiming for the highest Gross National Happiness!

  • Bhutan Nature & Culture for Independent Travellers

    bhutan hornbill

    Bhutan Nature & Culture

    Discover Bhutan's snow-capped peaks, glaciers, sparkling lakes, raging rivers, green terraced fields and flower-strewn valleys. Become immersed in the carefully preserved natural assets and ways of life that have remained fiercely authentic for millennium!

  • India and Bhutan Treks

    bhutan tigers nest trek

    India and Bhutan Treks

    Trekking in the Himalayas offers unparalleled variety with low density and pristine opportunities for the active adventurer. Become immersed in the hauntingly mountain landscapes of India and Bhutan including - valley of the flowers, Ladakh, and the trans Bhutan trail. Treks between 3 and 21 days are offered. Pass rural villages linked only by footpath, and stay in tented camps, farmhouses and small local inns.

  • Yukon Wildlife and Birdathon

    canada birds in flight suzanne southon

    Birdathon in the Yukon

    A signature trip with company owner Catherine Evans and
    the American Birding Association. Call for details
    May 25 - 29, 2023

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