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The best time to hike the Lake District, UK

lakesdistrict-stormymorning-derwent-we-840x54_20220519-200320_1 Lake Derwent UK

By ST Tangirala

The Lake District is a natural hiking wonder of England. It is the one place in England where you feel you’re in a dreamlike place not unlike the Alps in Central Europe, the Highlands in Scotland, or even the Rocky Mountains in the United States.

The area contains England’s highest mountain, Scafell Pike. The peak is unique considering England is better known for its lowlands and rolling hills. 

According to the Lake District Website, 15.8 million people spend time in the Lake District on an annual basis either hiking its mountains, sailing across its pristine lakes, or absorbing the historical significance of the monuments built there. 

cumbria way lake district

For non-British people that aren’t familiar with the Lake District, the landscape inspired great literary writers such as William Wordsworth and Beatrix Potter who have created some of the UK’s best literary works such as The Prelude, and Peter Rabbit. 

Based on my year’s worth of experience living in the UK, I will recommend to you which times of the year you should consider making that splendid visit to the Lake District. Each of the three recommended seasons offer unique attributes. It should be a fun experience for anyone who goes there considering England being known for its rolling hills and green spaces but fewer mountain ranges.

Fall in the Lake District UK

newlands valley Lake District
.We stayed in a cottage in an area known as Coniston, surrounded by mountainous terrain. The scenery created a wonderful excitement within me. From there, my group took part in an intermediate level hike up towards a mountain several miles north of the accommodation.  The next day, we did a hike around Coniston Lake. We managed to accomplish both hikes within a tight time frame and enjoy colourful views of the landscape. 

Summer in the Lake District UK

lake district UK summer wildflowers
Summertime is always the favourite time for a hike when it comes to nice weather, more sunlight, and longer days. As daylight in the UK lasts from 5 am to around 9-10 pm, it’s the best time to go out early in the morning for a hike and come back late at night. It is also suitable for people who are interested in camping.  If you’re a person that would like to be alone when hiking, it wouldn’t be the right time for you. One particular drawback of this time would be the crowds of like minded  hikers. If you are interested in interacting with a lot of people, I’d highly recommend summertime hiking and touring in the Lakes District.

Spring in the Lake District UK

cumbria lake district church
Springtime would be a great time-frame when you’re craving longer hiking days moderate temperatures that are not as cold as winter. Another advantage for those who enjoy solitude are trails with fewer people. 

If you’re a camping enthusiast, you could make this season work with a cold weather sleeping bag. I learned this the hard way when I went camping once during Springtime. I struggled to sleep due to internal chills even with a tent heater. But otherwise, spring is a great time to witness the rebirth of all the plants, and enjoy the singing of birds - but be mindful of the rainy weather sometimes. 

lake district camping Thus, based on my experience, this is why I would say to everyone visiting the UK: make that trip to the Lake District and embrace the experience of being there. One trip to the Lake District is worth ten times more than ten trips to London. 

ST is the Europe specialist for Tours of Exploration.

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