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Brazil Tucano ferry cruise

An authentic expedition into the Brazilian Amazon Rainforest onboard the Tucano "Voyage to the Heart of the Amazon". This expedition cruise voyages deep into the Amazon rainforest. With a generous amount of time to explore, a good boat, a skilled crew, and adventurous passengers, we venture far into the Amazon rainforest wilderness and observe flora and fauna hidden to most visitors. Or the 4 night “Amazon Odyssey” cruise is ideal for travellers who have a multi-destination trip within Brasil. It offers the essence of both the culture and wildlife of the Amazon. 

Why book with Tours of Exploration? 

  • We specialize in customized, personalized tours that suit your needs, interests, and hobbies.  You may also adjust the length of the tour to better suit your needs.
  • We choose to work with local, Indigenous partners, not only to guarantee an immersive, culturally and naturally authentic experience; but also to economically support the area's local population.

2023 Departure Dates and Costs from Manaus

Voyage to the Heart of the Amazon Cruise 7 days

brazil amazon travellers canoeCost: $ 3,150 USD per person standard bunk cabin/$ 4,450 twin bed superior cabin

2023 Cruise Dates: call for details.

Amazon Odyssey Cruise 5 days

Cost: $ 1,725 USD per person standard bunk cabin/$ 2,490 USD superior twin bed cabin

2023 Cruise Dates: Call for details. 

Itinerary: 7 day cruise

Day 1

tucano vermello cruise ferry boatPick up from your hotel in Manua. Early this morning guests board the vessel the Motor Yacht Tucano and depart upstream on the Rio Negro. Through the morning we cruise through the world’s largest river island system, the Anavilhanas Archipelago. From the observation deck scan the magnificent tangle of vegetation at the water’s edge. By mid-afternoon the vessel has gone beyond the frontier of settlement and entered a wilderness area. Both shores are covered by dense rainforest. Though we cannot predict what we will see, we have a good chance of observing pink river dolphins and a large collection of exotic birds. Most certainly we will be treated to magnificent forest vistas and the spectacular trees themselves. In the late afternoon we embark in the launches and hunt for wildlife. We may also go for a swim in some of the world’s most clean and refreshing water. (LD)

Day 2

Early this morning we explore the rainforest along the waters edge in our launches. We should hear and perhaps see howler monkeys and we should hear a morning serenade of toucans. After breakfast we go for a walk in the forest where we will get a good start on understanding Amazon ecology. Around midday we return for lunch and the vessel will get underway, perhaps stopping at a place to swim. In the late afternoon we will again explore the forest in our launches and listen to the sunset chorus of birds and frogs. (BLD)

Day 3

This morning there will be an early exploration of the waking forest. We will keep our eyes open for monkeys... on most trips we see them often. We return for breakfast followed by either a walk in the forest or an excursion in the launches. M/Y Tucano will travel during the middle of the day and we stop in the afternoon for an excursion. Tonight the vessel may travel a bit more as we marvel at the night sky crowded with stars. (BLD)

Day 4

After our two morning excursions The M/Y Tucano will navigate along the heavily forested shore, scouting for wildlife. We may stop for a visit at a settler’s home carved out of the forest. In the early afternoon we will be near an extraordinary river called the Rio Jaueperi. Here we will see a kind of forest known as the varzea. We will scout along the shoreline for some of the extraordinary creatures found only in this unique environment. Weather permitting we will have a night excursion to observe nocturnal creatures. (BLD)

Day 5

brazil amazon aerial photographyToday we will voyage to the west side of the Rio Negro and continue to scout in our launches and walk in the forest. We will explore according to the weather and water depth areas rarely visited by anyone else. Tonight the M/Y Tucano goes downstream to arrive by morning near the confluence with the Amazon River. As we glide through the starry darkness this is a good night to sip the national drink of Brasil, the “Caipirinha” and perhaps try a bit of samba on the top deck. (BLD)

Day 6

This morning we explore the Lago Janauari Ecological Park where the thick brown water of the Amazon flows swiftly through the forest. This area is usually a very good place to observe wildlife. Around midday the vessel will travel to the “Encontra das Aguas” a stark several mile long line where two of the world’s largest rivers, the Amazon and the Negro, join in a turbulent maelstrom. Here the dark water of the Negro runs beside the opaque brown water of the Amazon. In the afternoon we scout one of the hidden streams in the area to try to see more of the Amazon’s beautiful and bizarre creatures. Tonight we will have a farewell dinner and prepare for an early departure in the morning. (BLD)

Day 7

Early this morning, after a hearty breakfast, all guests disembark from the M/Y Tucano. (B)

Our cruises are informative, active, and authentic!

brazil amazon map voyage heart Authenticity:

Our trips go beyond. We visit areas that are not visited by other groups and see flora and fauna that are almost never seen on other Amazon trips.


Our cruises have often four to five excursions off the boat every day. We explore quiet tributaries, we walk in the forest, stroll through small villages, and on some days we have optional kayak explorations of the flooded forest. Travelers can choose whatever level of activity they wish because we divide into smaller groups each with an expert guide.

Small Groups:

We take a maximum of 18 allowing very personal time with the guides.


Vessel and High Quality Service: Though not a luxury vessel, the M/Y Tucano is a comfortable and well-appointed expeditionary vessel. All the cabins are outside cabins with private baths and air-conditioning. We have a large crew that keeps the vessel clean and helps travelers in every way possible to enjoy the trip.

Highly Skilled Guides:

Our naturalist guides are some of the very best in the Amazon. They are skilled bilingual naturalists and their experience helps passengers unlock the magic and mystery of the rainforest.

Additional Information

The best time to travel to the Amazon is really dependent on your own scheduling considerations. The key to observing wildlife is not when you travel, but rather the diligence of the guides and the guests, and a little bit of luck. We operate our expeditions all year round and the trips are wonderful any time of year. Our trips take place in the very middle of the Amazon in the State of Amazonas, Brasil. It rains much less in the center of the Amazon than it does in the western much as 30% less.

The rainy season runs roughly from late January through early May. Though it can rain more in the rainy season, it is rare to have a full day of rain. There are even some advantages to traveling in this season. Most riverine plants fruit and flower in this period, and it is generally a bit cooler.

The dry season runs from June to December and in this period the rivers begin to shallow and broad beaches of fine white sand appear. It often rains a bit in the afternoon in the dry season too. This is an excellent time to see large fishing birds, marine mammals, and at night, reptiles like the Amazon’s crocodiles.

The months of October and November are drier and hotter and correspond to the lowest river levels of the year. Though some creatures will be less abundant in the dry season, others will fly or swim in to fill the void. We usually modify the itinerary in these months to adapt to the changing river channels and the broad beaches at every turn of the rivers.

The M/Y Tucano mostly travels in the middle of the day and at night, which leaves the best hours to explore. But when we do travel, when practical, the vessel hugs the shore line and it is interesting to observe the nearby forest. We are constantly on the lookout for creatures which frequently congregate at the river’s edge. Though we remain comfortable, we do not become insulated from the forest. The river is fascinating to watch since we often see large fish leaping, pink dolphins, countless birds, and strange gargantuan trees with hanging vines.


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