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Greetings from Jinhua, China

news-from-jinhua Teaching in Jinhua China

I am back in Jinhua for another teaching term, this time only for three weeks as I am teaching a condensed Strategic management course on resorts and hotels to the 3rd year diploma students who graduate soon.

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My schedule aligns nicely with another Royal Roads instructor – D'arcy Dornan who is here from Brasil. We are collaborating nicely as we teach the same group of students at opposite times.

We are both fortunate in that we have excellent translators, in fact they are more like assistants which really helps in the management of the classroom. There are an average of 40 students in each of the two classes I have and so far my name remembering skills are getting quite a workout. My face recollection needed a bit of improvement the second day as two boys who were absent were called to come to class by the supervisor. When they showed up, I asked if they were ‘Sword’ and ‘Wahaha’– the missing lads. Yes, they told me. The supervisor returned and threw them out. When I inquired why, I was told they were impostors. Apparently, there is a wechat group that you can pay 25Yuan ($ 5.00) and have a sit-in for that class. A few of the teachers have signed up for the group and report the con to the teacher where the impostor students will appear. Thanks to the teacher scouts who ratted out my two impostors.

As the names and faces became more familiar as the first week flew by, the wechat hire a student has no longer been an option. Temperatures are again on the rise having snowed – hail balls one day last week – the day I had my students doing a walk about for a visioning session. We also worked together in a very cold basement, all bundled like children in an Eastern Canadian winter recess.

Looking forward to a field trip tomorrow to a 4 start hotel and the Double Dragon Caves scenic area.

Best wished to everyone back home.

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