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Trekking in India: Valley of Flowers

india-valley-of-flowers-tre-840x546 Valley of the Flowers India Himalaya trek

India’s Valley of Flowers is an exhilarating sight to behold. If you look up, you’ll see the high snow-capped mountains of the Greater Himalayas. Look down, and before you will be a rainbow carpet of budding alpine flowers. And ahead of you? Nothing but the trail and secluded wilderness.

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India: Land of Big Cats

India Cheetah Cheetah returns to India

Ah, the awe-inspiring wilderness of India. India has been commonly considered to be home to five Big Cats... however, this is soon to change to six! Read on to find more on your favourite big cat species and where in India you can see them. And discover which big cat is being re-introduced to its former home.

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Bhutan's high Sustainable Development Fee affects future travel

bhutan-lunch-kurjelhakahang-bumthang-840x546 Kurje Lhakang Bumthang lunchtime

Earlier this month, Bhutan tripled its Sustainable Development Fee (SDF) from $ 65 USD to $ 200 per person per night. This means a 10 night trip to Bhutan will cost a couple $ 4,000 in donations BEFORE they pay for any tour expenses (air to reach Paro, accommodation, meals, guides, transportation, newly created entrance tariffs to monuments, and the visa fee). Travelers from India, Sikkim, Bangladesh and the Maldives will no longer enjoy past visa free and low SDF access as the new ACT imposes levies on them (albeit not as high as other International guests). These and other travel restrictions in Bhutan are likely to alter the future of tourism there. 

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“Our Great National Parks - visit to Gunung Leuser”

gunung leuser orangutan gunung leuser orangutan

Earlier this week I found myself binge watching Netflix's new five-part series, Our Great National Parks narrated by Barack Obama, who prioritised protecting the public lands and waters in the U.S. The show is global-reaching with footage and facts from national parks across five continents,

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Upscale Adventure Travel

lake palace hotel udaipur lake palace hotel udaipur

Here is a selection of upscale adventure travel possibilities in India, Bhutan, Peru, the South Pacific, and British Columbia.

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Secrets of the Mekong

laos-luangsay-boat-840x546-diet Mekong River cruise Luang Say

By Peggy Wright
There is no pier. Instead, we climb down the muddy riverbank, navigate a plank, and cross over a neigh­bouring vessel to reach ours. We make ourselves comfortable sitting on floor cushions.

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The Islands of Bali - a reflection

indonesia-bali-ceremony-840x54_20191122-181332_1 Bali temple procession

by Catherine Evans

There are events in life that create such an impact that you change your whole way of being and thinking. Such was the case when I first set foot on the island of Bali some 30 years ago.

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The magical charm of Bhutan

masked dancers Paro Masked dancers Paro, Bhutan

Land of mountain peaks, ancient Buddhist culture and architecture, dense forests and spectacular valleys. Even before you have landed in the remote kingdom of Bhutan you know you are arriving at a very special destination.

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Travel by train in Myanmar

Photographing-from-Myanmar-train travel by train in Myanmar

It’s known as Myanmar.  It’s also known as Burma – not just by colonists. Whatever you call it, I highly recommend that you get on the train here.  

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River Journeys in Asia

Mahabaahu_river_cruis_20170720-203034_1 Mahabaahu cruise on Brahmaputra

There are numerous fans of river cruising and I have recently joined their ranks. My previous interactions with riverways were exciting, yet restricted to half-day adventures. This changed when I sailed along the Brahmaputra River for a week in April 2016.

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Islands & Diving - Magic of South Thailand

thailand-islands-diving-2 Diving with the manta rays South Thailand

If you find yourself as I did with two months of vacation time, you might consider island hoping around the islands of South Thailand.

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Water Festival in Thailand

thailand-waterfestival.2 Water festival Thailand

Each April sees several of the countries of Southeast Asia welcome the New Year with water, colour and mischief.

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Bagan - becoming a UNESCO heritage site

bagan-temples temples of Bagan

Shock and disbelief best describe my reaction on learning from Khin, my site guide, that Bagan was not one of UNESCO’s world heritage sites.

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Maintaining a way of life on Inle Lake

inle-lake-1 Inle Lake way of life Myanmar

I have returned to Inle Lake, a place I visited 30 years ago as a young backpacker.  In the mid-eighties, a seven day visa was all the time the Government of the Burmese Republic allowed.  

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Greetings from Jinhua, China

news-from-jinhua Teaching in Jinhua China

I am back in Jinhua for another teaching term, this time only for three weeks as I am teaching a condensed Strategic management course on resorts and hotels to the 3rd year diploma students who graduate soon.

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News from Bhutan

News from Bhutan Kurje Lakhang Bhutan Monastery Bumthang

Nestled in the eastern Himalayas between India and Tibet lies the sparsely populated mountain kingdom of Bhutan. Roughly the size of Switzerland the nation is fondly referred to by the Bhutanese as Druk Yul – land of the Thunder Dragon.

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